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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Have You Had Enough Fear-Mongering?

It would have to happen sooner or later. Someone has already coined a term for all of this pessimistic news that we are being bombarded with daily; “pessimism porn”.  Psychologists have long held the belief that it is human nature to

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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Property Taxes?

When home values were going through the roof, so were real estate tax assessments. Today the value of many homes has dropped.  Therefore, the assessments on some of these homes are no longer accurate. That means that you may be

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Saying No to a Client is Hard to Do

Yesterday I met with a client who wants to move out of town. Her plans had changed and she would like to go back to the town where she grew up. She has lived in her home for two years

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5 Tips to Ensure Success When Selling Your Home in a Soft Housing Market

It’s on the news everyday. The sky is falling and housing prices continue to sag. But remember, no matter how downbeat the reports, the doomsayers love to exaggerate even farther. This January my office has had several homes sold at

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Why Home Owners Want to Throw New Toronto Recycling Rules in the Garbage

Confused about what can and cannot be recycled in Toronto? The job is about to get even more confusing. Under the City of Toronto new rules you can put retail and grocery bags in the recycling bin, but you cannot

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