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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Why I Am Never Going to Own a Home Again – Buying a Toronto Home

James Altucher, a Forbes magazine writer, had an eye-opening article recently about the next generation of home buyers and how many of them may decide to avoid home ownership. On his laundry-list for not buying one’s own home, Altucher provides

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Is Your Agent Blocking the Sale of Your Home? Toronto Real Estate

Even with this current Seller’s market in Toronto, did you know that your agent may be sabotaging your sale? It’s anxious times for buyers right now, with multiple offers on many homes. Make sure your agent doesn’t add to this

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Why Should I Sign a Buyer Representation Agreement? Toronto Homes

If you are planning to insure your home, why wouldn’t you want to ensure you receive a quality home buying experience? How do you know you are buying the right house? You want to know everything about that condo! Did

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Top Eight Common House-Hunting Mistakes – Toronto Home Buying

When it comes to real estate, we in Canada have more in common with the U.S., than we do differences. However, it would be unwise for you to make your home buying decisions based on U.S. practices. Much of the

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Hottest Toronto Neighbourhoods – Homes in Toronto

In places such as Toronto, few things change as often as real estate values. Therefore, as a potential homebuyer it makes sense for you to know which homes have the greatest possibility of appreciating. Location, location, location At one time

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Toronto Real Estate Values to Plummet in The Suburbs Because of Rising Gas Prices

So, you moved to the suburbs to escape city congestion and to experience a better and more relaxed life-style. Sounds good, right? Well, maybe not; since it looks as though skyrocketing oil prices are about to play a dirty trick on your way of life.

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch – March 2011

In February 2011 we saw 6,200 home sales, a 14 decrease compared to February 2010. However, it’s important to note that we have seen and up trend in sales since summer of 2010.

Toronto Home Goes Up 1,900 Percent in Value!

“Crazy, insane, unbelievable” are some of the comments we got from clients after hearing about a recent home sale in the Toronto-Danforth area. A small detached house listed on the Toronto MLS system received 8 offers from buyers and sold for over $700,000