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Canadian Home Prices Expected to Drop 25 Percent

It seems that our Toronto real estate market is as hard to predict as the weather, so we decided to do another tea leaf reading. This time, the honours go to the research firm, Capital Economics. According to Capital, the

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Average Home Price Dropped $10K in July – Home Prices Toronto

Average home prices in July were lower than they were in June, but sales numbers and average prices are still up sharply compared to the same month a year ago, new data showed Tuesday. The Canadian Real Estate Association said

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Is the Canadian Real Estate Market About to Go Into a Slump? Toronto Home Prices

There is a general belief that if we repeat a mantra often enough it becomes true. So far the Canadian housing slump has not happened and the Canadian real estate market keeps chugging along with no hint of derailment. The

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Toronto Real Estate Market Watch – May 2011

In April this year we saw over 9,000 sales, compared to close to 11,000 in April 2010, representing a 17 % decline. However, by looking at the average number of sales in the previous four months, we find that April’s

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House Prices See Annual Gains of 6.8 % Over Past 10 Years

It’s fair to say that when it comes to predicting the future of real estate prices, the right hand doesn’t seem to know anything about the left hand. Just a couple of days ago, the press was busy taking about the possible collapse of real estate markets.

Housing Prices to Drop 25% Forecaster Predicts – Toronto Homes

We just can’t seem to keep those eager fear mongers quiet. No matter what the actual real estate numbers show, they insist that the end is near, and that we should all run for cover. What utter nonsense!

Warning! Why Building That Large Home May Be Dangerous to Your Wallet

While the title of this article may sound a bit dramatic, it is intended to catch your attention to discuss why building a large house may not be the best financial move you can make.